In this section you will find many pictures and wallpapers with anime, manga, as well as hentai.

Wallpaper  Anime

Anime - this art of animation originated in the XX century. in the East, in distant Japan. But surprisingly, this genre is not due to the Japanese word for its name. As you may have guessed, the word "anime" is just an abbreviation of the English "animation", which has been successfully distributed due to its simplicity of pronunciation. Japanese animation has qualitative differences from its European counterparts. It's all about a special mentality and, of course, an original painting. To give a simple example, in cartoons very often you can meet characters who express their emotions in a hidden form (the Japanese are a closed and hidden by nature people, but they are polite and hospitable, but their breadth of soul is not equal to Russian, so be more careful). The popularity of anime and anime serials has now greatly increased. It's even hard to say that now online manga or anime is more popular.